CONCRETE Promotion Book


CONCRETE is a Toronto-based creative agency. We were allowed to select out own companies for the production of this experimental

book. This is a book to show off the talent and creativity of the company, a “coffee table book”. The only direction was to create a book and case for it. I chose all aspects of the book including, but not limited to: design, production, and colors. 

The colors of the company were red,

black, and white. I used these colors

throughout the first couple of chapters,

the cover, and book case. The book case is a clamshell box covered in textured paper. The title was diecut on a Cricut using vinyl paper.

The most challenging part of producing

this book was the printing and cover. I printed my book at home on an inkjet printer, which took hours. The book itself was 9" x 7”, which made making the cover just about impossible.

Overall, I’m proud with how the book turned out!