Coca-Cola 48 Hour RePack


Each year Coca-Cola has a 48 hour

packaging challenge. The challenge

is done in teams of 5, and we decided

to take this on as a class and have

two teams. The challenges we chose

were to make plastic free rings for

Coke cans and to make a strawless

juice box for Minute Maid. One team

was dedicated to the coke cans and

the other one to the minute maid

boxes. I was a part of the team that

worked on the plastic free coke rings.

We decided to make the rings/carrier

out of chipboard because it’s sturdy

and recyclable. The main goal was

to make the carrier out of one piece

of chipboard, no extra pieces, no

adhesive. We managed to make the

6-pack and 8-packs out of one large

sheet of chipboard, which was also

very inexpensive.

The Minute Maid team managed to

get rid of the straw for the packaging.

The “straw” was now a part of the

packaging as the lip of the box.

Designers: Daniela Connor, Suvani Dave, Chloe Seong, Giuli Hull Cantillo, Hazel Hwang, Michael Macwilliams, Stephen Wiedl, Jun Ye, Levina Zhang, Jiatong Li